Reign XV - The Brilliance of the Arch


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Coronation XVI - May 16 2019

The Colours of the World










The Brilliance of the Arch

The Scarlet Maple Leaf Monarchs

Peace Emperor XV Martin

Arch Empress XV Myria

The Year of Triple Threats and Second Chances

The Imperial House of I Meant To........

Upper House

Imperial Crown Princes Zach Flash Foxx & Colin Palmer

Imperial Crown Princess Melanie Normand

American Half Emperor  - Gene Brake,  Canadian Half Emperor -  Big Daddy

American Half Empress - Daphne Storm,  Canadian Half Empress - Judy Jive

King Father to the Reign - Rob Loewen,

Queen Mother to the Reign -  Alexis Dupree

Rainbow Princess Tamsin

Youth Ambassador – Shilpa

 Youth Prince - Travis, Youth Princess – Brianna

College Members on the board Imperial Confidante, Guardians of the Realm Duane & Susan, Jennifer

Honorary Brother Emperor to Reign XV Del Stamp (A mover and a shaker)

Honorary Brother Emperor to Reign XV Cory Carmichael
Honorary Two Spirit Brother Emperor to Reign XV JJ Nation

Honourary Brother Emperor to Reign XV Crema Crema

Honourary Sister Empress to Reign XV – Babette Co Taylor


  ImperialHouse of  " I meant to......."

Ambassador to all the Americas – Sir Kile Jive

Princess of the Realm -Heather Dart ,

Princes of the Realm – Ryan Dart

Count da Music – Masin Ingenthron

Dukes and Duchesses

Arch Duke and Duchess of New Westminster, protectors of the Patullo  Nicholas and Vonda

Duke and Duchess of New Westminster Wesley & Heather –

Duke and Duchess of the Upper Fraser Valley, protectors of the bong Daren & Hailey

Duke Betty & Theresa Duchess Theresa Guardians of the Fraser River

Duke Jackie and Duchess Georgette & Guardians of the Fraser River

Knights, Lords and Ladies

Lady of the Realm- Amanda Inglis

Lady Roll your Own protector of Burns Bog - Megan

Imperial Sister Court – Vancouver BC

Imperial Sister Court – Portland