Reign XIV - The Inclusion of the Arch


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Coronation XV - May 18 2019

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The Inclusion of the Arch


Peace Emperor 14

The Ruby Red, Aurora Borealis Dolphin

Emperor of Diversity and Inclusion

"will no longer be that guy"

His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty

Dennis Dior Storm

Arch Empress 14

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty

Mz Adrien Jive


The House of Royals

Colin Palmer                                               Imperial Crown Prince

Vonda DuPoint                                           Imperial Crown Princess

Laurie Ford                                                 Imperial Crown Princess


Nicholas Florenz                                          Prince Royal

Mac Menkes                                                Prince Royal

MasinIngerthron                                           Prince Royal

Miss Mavis                                                  Princess Royal

Stephanie Blaze                                            Princess Royal


Duane Rose                                                  King Father

Susan Crape                                                 Queen Mother

 Mona Regina Lee                                        Imperial Grand Mamaaa

 Daren Wait                                                  Imperial Grand Duke

Hailey Adler                                                  Imperial Grand Duchesse

 Martin Rooney                                            Minister of Protocol


Krisstail Jive                                                  Sister to the Empress

Judy Jive                                                       Sister to the Emperor

Kyle Jive                                                        Brother to the Emperor

Max Bylander                                                Brother to the Emperor

Marty Mojo Stevens                                        Brother to the Emperor

Sandy Lambert                                              2 Spirited Brother to the Emperor

Byron Longclaws                                           2 Spirited Brother to the Emperor

Chad XIX                                                      2 Spirited Brother to the Emperor

Joel Huffaker Storm                                        Brother Empress

Suishi Bar                                                      Sister Empress

Alexis Dupree                                                Sister Empress

Irene Star Black                                             Sister Empress

Erica Divine                                                   Sister Empress

Amanda Luv                                                  Sister Empress

Jennifer Geddes                                             Soeur de L’Empératrice

 Don Kopeck                                                 Duke of  Royals

 Dawn McKay                                               2 Spirited Ambassador

Carman McKay                                              2 Spirited Ambassador

 Wayne Morrissey                                          Lord of Bears N’ Daddys

Alyea Lea                                                        Lady of the Royals

Lois Best                                                        Lady of the Royals

Heather Boa                                                   Lady of the Royals

 Stephanie Luvlace                                           VisCountess

Synder Starr                                                    VisCountess

Daisy Divine                                                    Royal Countess

Felissa Flair                                                      Royal Countess

Melanie Palmer                                                 Royal Countess

Mama Dxie                                                       Royal Countess

Cory Kaban                                                      Count of New West

Rob Loewen                                                     Count of the Royals

Mark Picasso                                                     Count of Whalleywood

Morgan Montoroy                                              Countess of Whalleywood

Barry Nichols                                                     Count of  Royals

Lyle Sandy                                                        Count of Royals